February 19, 2019 ABCOtoGO staff

Holiday social media posts

Holidays are a good hook on which to hang your social media posts. We all need compelling and topical content to attract the attention of our potential customers in a crowded online world of advertising. Posting graphics which relate to an upcoming holiday are a good way to create relatable, interesting content that appeals to our common interest in the latest holiday.

Here’s an ad ABCOtoGO’s graphics and marketing team created for Pomodoro’s pizza, a social media client:
Pomodoros pizza valentine - ABCOtoGO tampa printer

Our goal is to get customers to order from or eat in at the restaurant. The hook here is ‘take your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend to Pomodoro’s for a romantic Italian dinner”. Some people don’t eat out much, maybe only on special occasions. Maybe this gives them the impetus to try Pomodoros, then perhaps they become regular customers. It’s a soft-sell, subtle form of marketing. The ad isn’t splashy or lurid, muted colors and fonts and a single, memorable image.

Here’s a social media graphic ABCOtoGO used itself to remind customers you can get custom made valentines (as well as a plethora of greeting cards) made at ABCOtoGO in Tampa:
valentines day cards - ABCOtoGO tampa printer

Instead of a sterile, clinical look at greeting card blanks where you can fill in your own message, here are some cute, engaging characters and cards that will hopefully stick in the viewer’s mind and give them a little memory bug the next time they need special event cards made.

Some holiday social media can just be ‘awareness raising’ in the case of local government entities who really aren’t ‘sellilng’ something. Here’s a feel-good type social media ad for the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority that is just intended to foster good feelings about the Expressway and humanize it and the supporting staff as part of the community instead of just a steel, concrete and asphalt behemoth:

expressway valentines  - ABCOtoGO tampa printer
expressway lovers  - ABCOtoGO tampa printer
Tampa Hillsborough expressway  - ABCOtoGO tampa printer
Leroy Selmon Expressway  - ABCOtoGO tampa printer

Holiday graphics can also take the form of public service safety or informational ads. The idea is that your company or entity is responsible and encourages safety and responsibility, traits you hope the public will equate with you and your business. Plus, it’s just another hook to hang your logo and marketing message on!

Phone texting - ABCOtoGO tampa printer
bike safety  - ABCOtoGO tampa printer
halloween safety children  - ABCOtoGO tampa printer
st patty's day drink responsibly  - ABCOtoGO tampa printer
cinco de mayo drink responsibly  - ABCOtoGO tampa printer

This might sound a bit cynical, but it’s none-the-less true that marketing that exists to educate and instil safety, good values and peaceful community relations has intrinsic value above that of marketing that exists for its own sake. At least you are pushing a positive message that might help someone instead of just your latest sale. The fact it might benefit your client by association is just an added benefit.

So we can see that holidays are something that almost all of your customer base will hold in common, and find important and relevant. Hopefully associating your client with these holidays will help branding and marketing messages associate with the good feelings of the holiday and rub off for the good of your marketing partner. Even quirky, small, seemingly unrelated holidays can be worked in if you can find an angle.

If nothing else, they make a good starting point when you are blocked trying to think of your next social media graphic! Good luck!

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