Efffective Direct Mail Grahics

Designing postcards that get attention

Mail — yes, real physical mail — is something nearly everyone gets, but not all mail is created equal. We’ve all received mail that looks like it was designed in Microsoft Paint sometime during the 90’s. If you’re sending mail today, you can’t afford to be that kind of company. Consumer expectations around design are far greater today, and how you market is a reflection of that. While some mail may be personal in nature, many companies use mail as a marketing channel to either acquire new customers or reengage customers they already have in hopes of driving more revenue. When executed properly, mail can result in ROI that far exceeds email. This is especially true for companies that have customers with high lifetime value (LTV).
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ABCOtoGO Tampa’s premier printer offers online ordering

We offer a variety of online printing services to fit every need, including standard and custom business cards, multi-page printing like brochures and catalogs, and large format banners and posters. Everything we print includes our high quality paper and materials, inks and coatings, to make you look your best, You can order everything you need for your marketing and branding at affordable costs

We are proud to represent your brand in print and you will be proud to show it off.

Printing is more than just a piece of paper to us, so we are available to help with your printing questions. We also know that your business doesn’t fit into a 40-hour work week, so neither do we. If you have any questions about your order, or our services, give us a call. We are available 24 hours a day during the week, with extended hours on weekends as well.

You can count on us to be the online printer providing you professional and on-budget print materials

ABCOtoGO is a full service printing center located in Tampa and Odessa, Florida.

We provide the quality that you associate with a large printer and the convenience you enjoy with a quick printer. ABCOtoGO serves all of the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas, including St. Petersburg, Clearwater and New Port Richey.

ABCOtoGO Tampa produces the highest quality products. Our top selling products include Banners, Banner Stands, Booklets, Brochures, Business Cards, Catalogs, NCR Carbonless Forms, Copying & Collating, Envelopes, Invitations, Labels, Letterheads, Menus, Four-Color Process, Spot Color Printing, Price Lists, Programs, Recycled Papers, Resumes, Stationary, Typesetting, Vinyl Banners… you name it we can do it! At ABCOtoGO we are concerned with our impact on the environment.

Along with our printed products, ABCOtoGO offers the following services:  Black and White copying, Full Color Copying, Offset, Graphic Design, Bindery, Laminating, Signs, and Vinyl Banners. Our Full Color Copies are some of the highest quality in the county and we offer the most competitive rates.

Our Graphic Design and Bindery services will add impact to any of your projects, from the board room to your next social function and for trade shows and conventions. Also, our signs and banners are of the best quality and will certainly attract attention to your business. We also provide free pickup and delivery in the Odessa area.

Create brilliant print.

Premium online printing designed for creative professionals.
Trusted by thousands of talented designers, prolific agencies & iconic brands
Stunning print with effortless online ordering and expert service

As a designer, I’m always looking for a great partner in a printer – one that works hard to make your design look as good as possible. ABCOtoGO has been that partner for me.
– Larry Bartlett, Owner & Art Director
Superboy Studio

The customer service is really great. Every time I ask a question, it always gets answered right away. I appreciate that because we’re always on a crunch.
– Andy Wilmas, Graphic Designer
East & Downs

I’m definitely happy with the printing, and the shrink wrapping is done very nicely. This is the third year I’ve used ABCOtoGO for these calendars.
– Lisa Lasser

World Class Print

Our mission is to produce the highest caliber print possible. We continually invest in the best equipment and top talent in the industry to deliver on that promise. In fact, we offer an unmatched 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Dedicated Service

At ABCOtoGO, all new accounts are instantly provided with a personal point of contact. Every order placed is reviewed by one of our pre-press associates and is assigned to a dedicated customer service team member.

Expert Consultation

Can’t find the right product on our website? Need something out of the ordinary? We have a team of friendly print experts ready to discuss your unique project. They’ll work with you to make it happen from custom quote to final run.

Design Flexibility

We know that your print has to match your design, not the other way around. While most online printers offer very limited products, our advanced print estimating tools feature the most flexible print options you’ll find on the web.

Full Suite

Backed by state of the art facilities and infrastructure, ABCOtoGO is capable of producing almost anything you can imagine on-site. From marketing collateral to signage, or even custom fixtures and displays.

Professional Features

Blind shipping, private label web-to-print storefronts, PMS color matching, and many more on the horizon. We are constantly evolving ABCOtoGO to be the best possible print platform for your business.

Perfect Bound Booklets

We do all the collating and binding of Catalogs, Booklets and other assembled products here, onsite. ABCOtoGO never farms out printing or binding services.

The promotional experts for all your online printing needs

At ABCOtoGO, we are proud to offer the highest quality custom online printing services for businesses and creative individuals. We offer competitive pricing and fast, friendly customer service. Whether you are a business owner or a graphic designer, our large selection of products will help you fulfil all of your printing needs. Choose from a variety of exclusive product lines including business cards, postcards, brochures, and much more.

Powerful Design Tools

Create attractive design layouts using our file upload which allows you to add images, text, logo, and virtually anything you want. Our professionally designed templates are also available for those that are looking for inspiration and ideas.

High-Quality Printing

Quality is our priority. Our online printing services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for first-time customers. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your order, you may return it for a full refund of the printing cost.

Variety of Paper Stock Options
Whether you’re considering glossy or matte, recycled or uncoated, thick or premium paper, we have the perfect paper stock that fits your needs. Why compromise with less when you can have the best in paper options.

Friendly Customer Service

Our customer support team will guide you through the entire ordering process to ensure a great shopping experience. Customer service representatives are standing by to answer any questions about our online printing services via chat, phone, or email.
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20 keys to a successful online business


The biggest misconception with starting an online business is that you will reach success faster just because it’s online. Many of the feedback loops may be shorter, but building a successful business still takes years.

One of the reasons building a successful business takes years is because there’s no way to consistently make a profit without building a genuine connection to human beings.

The key to online business success is remembering that the person you’re sending emails and shipping products to is “A Real Person, A Lot Like You.”

The possibilities of what technology can do are nearly infinite. We can create new tools that help us communicate more efficiently, make securer/faster payments, deliver goods without gatekeepers, automate menial tasks, and so much more, but none of our technological tools can save us from the following fact: If you want someone to pay you for something, you have to the pay the price of doing the difficult things necessary to build trust. Read more

Offset vs. Digital Printing – What is the difference and why you should care

What are the differences between offset printing and digital printing?

Traditional offset printing is produced on a printing press using printing plates and wet ink. This type of printing takes a little longer to produce as there is more setup time and the final product must dry before finishing can take place. At the same time, offset printing traditionally produces the highest quality available on the widest variety of stocks and offers the highest degree of control over color. Further, offset printing is the most economical choice when producing large numbers of prints of a few originals.

Digital printing used to be called ‘copying,’ but that term is now outdated. Today, instead of copying a hard copy original, the vast majority of digital printing is output directly from electronic files. Digital printing is the quickest way to produce short runs, especially when there are a many originals. The quality level of digital printing is now extremely close to offset printing. Although digital printing works well on most stocks today, there are still some papers and jobs where offset printing works better. There are also some stocks and jobs where digital printing will perform as well as, or better than, offset printing.
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Logo Design Bible


Everyone knows it’s frustrating. You spend hours, days, weeks on your design and it’s just not working. You’ve been so close to the project for so long you can’t really look at it objectively anymore. You’re beginning to question your own judgement.

Here’s some basic guidelines that might break you out of that funk and move things along in a positive manner. See if your logo breaks any of these rules.

01. Research company’s brand

Commercial design doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and is not just about creating something impressive for your design friends and cutting edge for your portfolio. Brands pay for a logo to be created to fulfill a business need, and you will have to understand that need fully for your design to succeed.

Sometimes, you’ll get an articulate client who can explain where the business is coming from and what the logo needs to achieve quickly and simply. But at other times, the client won’t really understand the business themselves, and you’ll have to do a lot of that work yourself.

Either way, it’s up to you to fully research the company, understand what it’s trying to achieve, who its competitors are, and why the previous logo (if there is one) is being replaced.

Some of that research may take place on the internet, or reading corporate documents, but much of it will depend on meeting the client and asking the right questions.

02. Respect the History of the Brand

When it comes to creating a new design for an existing brand, you want it to look updated, modern and forward-looking. But there’s a danger of throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Logo design history is littered with examples of companies that released new logos that were totally disconnected from their brand heritage, only to watch them crash and burn.

Some logos are made entirely of type, while others exist entirely as a symbol, and yet others combine text and graphics in the same design. So before you start designing, it’s important to decide what kind of logo you’re setting out to create.

This key step will help focus your mind and get you moving in the right direction, before you waste your time going down a series of blind alleys.

If you’re unsure about what the main types of logo are, then check out our 5 basic types of logo post. In it we explain what wordmarks, lettermarks, brandmarks, combination marks and emblems are and how to use them.

04. Keep it simple, dummy

A logo needs to be scalable to small sizes (printed on a pen or appearing on a mobile device) and huge ones (for instance, a billboard or an IMAX cinema screen). It needs to be instantly recognisable by consumers, as well as powerfully memorable. It needs to work in any colour. And it needs to be versatile enough to be consistently reproduced in a range of print and digital media.

For these reasons and more, your logo needs to be as simple as possible. Try shrinking it to a tiny size on your screen: does it still work? If not, it probably needs simplifying further. So keep editing, removing and simplifying. Purge your design of unnecessary graphical elements. Simplify shapes. Remove unnecessary shadows, gradients, textures and backgrounds. Reduce the number of fonts to the bare minimum.

This process can be psychologically difficult: we all hate to discard details we’ve worked hard to create. But at the end of the process, you’ll usually end up with a logo that’s simpler and much more successful as a design.

That doesn’t, however, mean every logo you create has to be ultra-minimalist to the nth degree. Consider the Firefox logo as a good example of how a logo can be simple, versatile and scalable while still evoking a unique visual personality.

05. Make sure your design is readable

It should go without saying, but so many logo designs fall down on a fundamental basis: their readability. Conversely, many brands work hard over time to make subtle updates to their logo to make it easier to read. Some of these can be extremely subtle, as when Google moved its ‘g’ one pixel to the right and its ‘l’ one pixel down in 2014. But the fact that brands indulge in that level of tinkering just goes to show how important legibility is, and how it should be at the heart of any logo design or redesign.

06. Be original

One side effect of the need to simplify is that it’s very easy to end up creating something that resembles an existing logo. There are countless examples of big brands getting caught in this trap.

We all love watching trends, and logos are no different. In fact, we’ve already written a post about 2017’s biggest logo trends ourselves. But in no way does that mean you should slavishly follow them.

A successful logo can potentially stay in place for decades, so if you try to be too hip and modern, your design will only date super-fast. Focus on the classic principles of logo design and think about long-term durability rather than short-term trends.

08. Make sure your logo is appropriate

What works as a logo for one brand may not work for another. A logo for a web startup may be fun, cartoony and tongue in cheek, but that’s unlikely to work for a traditional high street bank, which needs to project an image of authority and reliability.

Like it or not, the style of your logo will instantly convey what a company stands for, so make sure it’s appropriate and that it’s aligned with the overall brand identity. Again, this goes back to understanding the goals and values of the business that’s employed you as a designer.

09. Typography and font matters. A lot.

Using original typography is often key to creating a logo that stands out as original and distinctive. So try to avoid commonly used fonts, and play around with different styles of type – serifs and sans-serifs, italics and bold, as well as custom-made fonts – in order to find that unique look that helps your logo become memorable. Just don’t sacrifice scalability or legibility in the process.

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KMG Marketing on Dealing with Distractions and Stress during work

Your level of productivity at work can be determined by the kind of distractions you have and how you respond to them.

These things can be external or internal influences that impact your ability to attain your deliverables and set targets. Most times, we don’t even take note of these little things.

Here is a list of some work distractions are and how you can manage them. Read more

Better Management Techniques: Stress Management

Marketing is a stressful career. Any creative endeavour takes a lot of imagination and creative energy. You can’t do great design work without inspiration and imagination. This takes a calm, serene mindset. Although some people claim they work better under stress, it’s hard on your health, both physical and mental to maintain that level with high stress for any length of time. Here’s some tips on reducing your stress!

Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response.

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New KMG Marketing logo!

After an exhaustive search for the fairest and most brand-worthy logo in the land, KMG has settled on what we deem to be the most iconic and memorable of the bunch! This will be added to all KMG signs, graphics, ads, promo material etc.

How did we come up with this logo? Here are some tips:


ave you ever seen a big brand without a logo? No? That’s because there aren’t any. A logo has a major impact on how your customers will perceive your brand. So naturally, you want your logo to be outstanding. But how do you get there?

Don’t fret! This handy guide will teach you everything you need to know to design the perfect logo for you and your business. From defining your brand’s identity and understanding what makes a great logo, to making the right design choices and navigating the design process, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

How to design a logo in 5 steps:

  1. Understand why you need a logo
  2. Plan before you start designing your logo
    • Define your brand identity
    • Find inspiration
    • Check out the competition
  3. Design your logo
    • Choose your design style
    • Find the right type of logo
    • Pay attention to color
    • Pick the right typography
  4. Navigate the design process
    • Communicate with your designer
    • Evaluate your logo options
    • What not to do when designing a logo
  5. Use your logo

We will be posting these tips over the next few weeks. Here’s part one!

1. Why do you need a logo? And why does it need to be great?

logo and brand identity design

Business really is like dating—you’re trying to attract the right customers and make them fall head over heels in love with your brand. So think of your logo as the picture on your dating profile. It’s what’s going to make people take interest and try to learn more about you (or swipe right because you’re not for them). So you want to look your best, right?

Your logo will have a huge impact on the first impression your business is going to make: It will give your customers information about your brand and let them know if it’s right for them.

Because your logo is such an essential part of your brand, you want to make sure it’s done well. All your branding materials will have your logo on them. It’ll stare back at your customers from your website, your packaging, and your business cards. Make it count! A great, professional logo design not only has the power to communicate what you stand for. It will also make a good first impression and help you stand out from the competition.

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