February 13, 2019 ABCOtoGO staff

Best SEO Tips for 2019 part 2

Everybody loves featured snippets—those handy text boxes that pop up when we search and provide quick answers to our questions without needing to click a link. They’re becoming a particularly important part of the UX as convenience becomes the norm and mobile and voice searches rise in prominence. Below is an example featured snippet…on featured snippets!

But their role in good old-fashioned web SEO can’t be overstated—according to research from HubSpot, content with featured snippets doubled their click-through rates. While the exact process for selecting this snippets isn’t precisely known, HubSpot’s research identified a few trends:

Ranking among the top five results of the SERPs
Keyword usage on-page, including their semantic relevance to the keywords being searched
Assembling your page’s structure to support simple, cohesive answers
Using logical subheadings that provide an overview of the article

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