May 20, 2019 Kelly

3rd annual Pasco/Hernando Lighthouse For The Blind Prom Night is a Great Success!

Pasco/Hernando Lighthouse For he Blind Prom.

(left to right) Heather Tuck (teacher and adminstrator for PHLFTB), “Captain” Wendy Longman from Windsong Charters and Boat Rentals (co-sponsor) and Kelly McKnight-Goelz, CEO for KMG Marketing & ABCOtoGO Printing (co-sponsor), organizers of the 3rd annual Pasco/Hernando Lighthouse For he Blind Prom.

Kelly McKnight-Goelz co-hosts 3rd annual Pasco/Hernando Lighthouse For The Blind Prom Benefit

dateline: May 18, 2019
by Kelly McKnight-Goelz
KMG Marketing/ABCOtoGO Printing

On Saturday night, May 18th 2019, KMG Marketing/ABCOtoGO.COM had the distinct opportunity to continue to contribute greatly to the 3rd annual Pasco/Hernando Lighthouse For The Blind (LHFTB) Prom in the New Pasco County Lighthouse Building, where the LHFTB established new offices 3 weeks ago.

It has been an amazing journey for me personally, as a former Senior Executive and Corporate Officer of one of the world’s most prominent specialty vision sciences public medical device companies, and an incredible honor to be a part of the teen’s lives and this event from the inception three years ago, until today.

Many of these teens have been coming to the Pasco Lighthouse since birth and now here they are, attending, dancing and thriving at their Prom.


I am so humbled to be a part of an amazing group of Lighthouse Professionals and other Small Business Owners, like myself, that coordinate and contribute everything from Prom Gowns and Suits, to Hair and Make-Up, Food, DJ, a Dance Floor, Decorations and even a Limo Party Bus to make their experience real and AMAZING.

It was my pleasure to help with setting up the venue, with decorations and place settings.

I had a wonderful time back-stage, helping the girls with their gowns and primping for the prom. I’m sure this was an positive, empowering experience they will carry with them their entire lives!

This year, Blind Teens from Pasco, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pinellas and even West Palm attended. We had the biggest Blind Prom Ever, with about 36 Teens taking part.

These kids are so inspiring!!!


Visit Lighthouse for the Blind online:

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